The MXFIT Difference

Want to know exactly what to do off-the-bike in order to take your riding to the next level? Be the strongest, faster and smoothest rider you’ve ever been? Get yourself on the podiums and realise your potential as a rider?

Our team assesses your individual history and creates an individualised program for your specific goals, movement patterns and level

Training Programs To Suit Your Needs

Whether you’re an experienced rider looking for that next level or a young rider looking to create a solid physical foundation for future success – we’ve got everything you need covered

Meet Our Coaches

Bronson Dewar

Founder & Strength + Conditioning Coach

Bronson has over 7 years of  experience training Motocross and Enduro Athletes from beginners all the way to International Level Riders. Being a national level rider himself he knows what demands the body is put under in our unique sport and the style of training required to meet its demand and excel

Craig Anderson

MX Coach

A highly decorated National Level Racerand now World-Leading MX Coach, Craig coaches some of Australia’s best racers and up and coming juniors. Along with running his own race teams and being highly-regarded in the MX World, Craig knows what it takes to be a champion and has personally taken riders to this level

Hermes Pallotta

Sports Nutritionist – CompEat

With experience working with National Sporting Teams and Athletes, Hermes approach is one of a holistic and practical philosophy to health and performance. Whether it’s making people just 1% healthier, leaner, stronger or faster than when they walked through the door, he’s found the ‘bang-for-buck’ areas and focuses on what works.

Sarah Higgs

Sports Physiotherapist – Sarah’s Moto Physio

Sarah is a highly skilled and knowledgeable physiotherapist that specialises in motocross and dirt bike riders. Along with being able to diagnose movement deficiencies in riders, Sarah is set up to be completely mobile and travels to many small and major dirt bike events to support her riders