MXFIT Academy
Week 1


We are kicking off week 1 of the Online Learning with one of the most important Mindset aspects that you can learn and embody to improve ALL aspects of both your performance and your life. 

We get down into some pretty gritty stuff in this topic, so strap yourself in and be prepared for some realisations and powerful learnings!

What is Levels Of Actualisation (LOA)

Unconsciously (and sometimes consciously), we all have a supporting set of identities, actions, beliefs, values, and envirnments that determine how we self actualise. Meaning, how we be ourselves!

Often you will hear individuals talk about ‘alignment’ or what is and isn’t aligned to them. Matching your Levels of Actualisation is what TRUE alignment really is. 

Each of these have an effect on the other…

You Values, influence both your Beliefs and your Environment. 

Your Actoins, influence and determine you Identiy and your Beliefs… etc etc. 

Start With Values

The best way that we can really understand all of this and to start thinking about how we can live in alignment, is to start with your Values. 

The most important thing to remeber, is that in order for us to stay in alignment with ourselves, we must be able to action our values, identify with your values and create an environment supportive of your values.

Below is an example of a real value (respect) and a false value (loyalty). After running through the LOA with ‘loyalty’, it becomes quite obvious why this simply will not work…

Can your ‘value’ become a verb?

Can you DO your value?

If so, do so – for THAT is alignment. 


Click the button below to download the word document for this weeks exercise. 

Make sure you watch the video below where I explain the exercise in deatil for you. 

Choosing Your 5 Core Values

One final thing for this week…

I want you to quickly revise the exercise above and look at your answers, and come up with your 5 Core Values that you want to choose to align to for the next 12 weeks (and quite possibly beyond that as well). 

5 main things that you feel you need to achieve or do/work on each and every day in order to feel like you have had a good day and feel fulfilled and ‘aligned’. 

Because that is what ‘Alignment’ is. It is acting in accordance to your core values. 

I will be asking each and every one of you to ensure you have your 5 values set, and I also suggest that you write these down and have them in a place that will serve as a reminder whenever needed. 

Any questions at any stage on any of this, either drop me a message or put it up into the fb group. I am more than happy to help get this sorted for you as it is a very important part moving forwards.