Cardiac Output;

  • 30+ minutes duration
  • low intensity (70-75% of Max HR) or (5 sec nasal breath cycles) or (talk test)
  • Cyclical movements (cycle, rower, assault bike, running, swimming etc)


Tempo Intervals;

  • 10-15 sec work period
  • 60 sec ACTIVE recovery period
  • repeat for 10-20 reps
  • work periods done at 70% of max (do a quick max power test and calculate 70%)
  • reovery period is easy but continous movement (comparable to a walk)
  • Best done as rowing, assault bike or running



High Resistance Intervals;

  • set total time to 10-20 minutes depending on level of fitness
  • 5 sec max effort (for distance) while maintaining proper technique
  • Active Recovery untill Hr retrurns to 65-70% of max HR
  • If HR does not go above these markers, then simply actively recover for 60 sec. 
  • Count number of reps completed over your total time
  • Goal is to increase total reps completed within given time over time. 
  • Best done on treadmill with 15% incline. Or on Assault bike or Rowing machine


HICT (High Intensity Continuous Training);

  • Best done on a spin bike.
  • Set resistence to about 20, or to a level that you can maintain a 25-30RPM (for reference, thats one full peddle every 2 seconds)
  • Perform for 10-20 minutes
  • Keep HR below Aanaerobic threshold (about 70-75% of max HR)
  • Keep movement smooth and consistent
  • Exercise alternatives include uphill lunges or slow speed step-ups


Lactic Intervals;

  • 30-60 second work period @95-100% intensity
  • Cover as much distance during work period as possible while maintaining good technique
  • Cover as close to the same distance as possible each interval
  • Active recovery for 1-4 minutes depending on fitness level
  • Perform 2-5 reps depending on fitness level



Threshold Method;

  • Perform threshold test first: 12 min max effort, your average HR will be approx your threshold as is your average pace (done on rower, assault bike, or running)
  • Maintain a heart rate between your threshold level and 5bpm above for approx 10 minutes
  • produce as much power as possibile within the threshold range
  • maintain the same pace throughout the whole work period


Cardiac Power Intervals;

  • Increase HR to max while maintaining proper technique
  • maintain max HR for 20-30 seconds
  • immediately transition to recovery position (standing with hands on knees) for 60 sec, using breathing to drop HR as low as possible
  • continue light active recovery for 2-3 mins
  • repeat for 2-4 sets