I have been in the motocross industry and community for over 20 years. I have seen how it has evolved and progressed over the years to what it is now. 

The whole concept around sponsorship is not what it once was. 

Gone are the days when simply getting good results was the only way for you to get sponsorship. 

Now, if you play your cards right, anyone has an opportunity to gain some help and sponsorship from businesses and companies from all different industries. 


With this, has also come the new problem… No one knows how sponsorship really works, what is required of them, and how to get what they are really worth (10% discount is NOT a sponsorship!). 

So in here I will clear up a few things for you and teach you how to get real sponsors that will help you to take your racing as far as you want.

As mentioned at the end of the video, I can help you guys in making your own Resumes, if you would like to take up this offer, let me know and I’ll get it going for you.