OK! Week 2…

After a bit of a deep dive last week. Let’s get in to making sure that we are going to be doing the work and setting ourselves up for success, not just through this program, but continously. 


We are going to start with this concept…

The different between when you ‘commit’ to doing something, compared to when you ‘try’ to do something is enourmous!

When you Commit to doing something, then you are confirming to yourself that you are ‘all in’. That you will finish the task/outcome. When you fully commit to something… you know that you’re going to complete it. 

Versus, when you Try and do something… You’re already setting yourself up for failure. 


Now before we get in to discipline, we need to establish your routine or the things that we are actually going to be disciplined on…

This is basically going to be your daily and weekly non-negotiables. The things that you know you need to be doing consistently in order to achieve your outcomes and goals. 

First, establishing what these main things are…

I am going to give you 4 things that I highly suggest are on your list;

  • Daily Mobility
  • Daily mindfulness
  • Min 3 days/week fitness training
  • Min 1 day/week Structured On-Bike training

Use these 4 things as a base, and then add in aything else that centres around your Values (remebering what your core values are from last week), and also what is neccessary to achieve your outcomes. 

Once you have this list. It’s time to set that out in to a daily and weekly plan/routine. 


Now that you have your set routine, now it is time to Commit to them!

One of the biggest things when it comes to having discipline within yourself, is trusting yourself…

Watch the video below on trust & discipline.

Another huge aspect of discipline, is accountability…

Holding yourself accountable for your actions, and decissions. 

And also my role in holding you accountable. 


Click the button below to go to the daily accountability form!

This form is to be completed each week day for the rest of the program starting next week (week 3).

We will discuss this a little further in our Friday Zoom Call, and aswer any questions. 

But I suggest you add this form to your bookmarks so it is easy to get to each day.