This week is all about our language, the words we use, and how we talk to ourselves. 

Most of you probably are completely unaware how ‘internal dialogue’ goes on inside your head. That is, the thoughts, words and stories that we think on a daily basis.

And most certainly bet you are not yet aware of just how powerful the language and different words that you use on a daily basis effect your reality and outcomes.  

And that is exactly why we are going to address all of this here this week. 


Language refers to the words that we use on a daily basis when describing ourselves, others, and situations. 

It is also one of the first steps to helping to create a shift in the way we percieve things and our responses to certain situations. 


I want you to sit down with a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. 

On the Left side, I want you to write down all of the unresourceful language patterns of the past.

On the Right side, I want you to write down all of the new more resourceful reframes or alternatives that you are going to use from now on. 


Now that I’ve got you thinking about the things that you say and think to yourself and your language. Let’s have a chat about the different kinds of ‘stories’ that we tell ourselves. 

The stories that we tell ourselves, and the things that we say about ourselves, either internally (thinking it in our heads) or even out loud, carry so much more weight than we may think!

For example, some stories that you may say to yourself on a daily basis:

  • “I suck at ____”
  • “I don’t deserve ____”
  • “Only ___ kind of people achieve ___”
  • etc etc.

Or some stories we may tell ourselves about our riding/racing:

  • “I don’t have access to a private track and don’t get to ride as often so I could never compete with the guys that do.”
  • “I suck at riding in the mud”
  • “Only kids with rich parents ever end up making it”
  • “The track is so one lined, I can’t make a pass anywhere”
  • “I’m not good enough to race there”

If you have found yourself saying anything like this before, or even if you just simply agree with any of the statements above, then you are simply setting yourself up for failure. 

What happens is you mind will hear you say (or think) these things, and it will then go in to your unconscious mind and seat itself as a belief. And the more we say it, the more solidified this belief becomes. Then, when we are at the track, or in training, we will start to see “evidence” that these beliefs are true. And the more “evidence” that we see that confirms this belief, it just solidifies this belief even further!

Now why did I put “evidence” in inverted commas?…

Because this “evidence” that we keep seeing is going to be either just our interpretation of what we are really seeing, which is most likely going to be distored by our unconscious mind because of this belief system. AND we are also going to be filtering out any evidence that this is in fact FALSE. Let me say that again… You will filter out and ignore any and all evidence that this belief that you hold is false. 

So we then get stuck with this shitty limiting belief system about ourselves or our environment. All because of the negative story that we told ourself.

Now picture this like a rut… the more we run that rut, the deeper it gets. The deeper it gets, the harder it is to get out of it…

But the awesome thing, is that this thing works both ways!

Just as powerful as the negative stories that we tell ourselves are, so too are the positive stories!

So starting out by simply changing the stories that we tell ourselves to be positive. 

  • “I love riding in the mud! I always ride it well and is an awesome advantage for me on wet days”
  • “It’s not about the gear you have, it’s how you use it and your dedication to improvement. I will beat all of the privilaged kids!”
  • “I can see some different lines on the track that no one else can, and I will use them to make unnexpected passes”
  • “I will race there no matter what, and I will progress and be better for it”

Say these things to yourself, say them in your head, say them out loud and say them often. But don’t just say them, you need to truely believe them deep down. 

Then, go out of your way to find “evidence” that confirms these positive stories. 

This is going to help you to start running in and solidify a new ‘rut’ and shift your beliefs. 

Your unconscious mind will then start to serve you up more and more evidence that confirms this and you will start seeing the results in your life and in your riding and racing. 

I also invite you to use this in your every day life. Like I said at the beeginning, this is extremely impactful, once you fully grasp it and utilise it. 

Here is an extra one on top of this to help and use while on the bike riding/training/racing.