You know the most amazing thing about teaching this to you… Is that the thought and concept of mindfulness and meditation is gaining so much more awareness, and traction in society these days, that I don’t really need to go through and break down a heap of barriers and misconceptions around all of this, as most are quite accepting and acknowledge that mindsfulness is extremely beneficial, they simply, don’t know where to start, or how to go about it all. 

And that is where we are going to nail it this week!

By now you would well and truely be starting to see just how much your performance and your life and reality as you see it and live it is governed by your mind. 

Let’s harness this and take things even further!


Mindfulness and meditation is extremely powerful on so many levels!

Now, as stated above, we obviously have come a long way in recent years to know and understand that meditation doesn’t mean sitting on a rock with your legs crossed humming “ohmmm” over and over again like a monk or Rafiki!

Although, if you want to go full ham on it… I won’t hold you back 😉

Understanding that you may want to have a little bit of assistance when first taking this practice up and learning. There are several apps out there that are really awesome for helping you get started and learn the process and skill. 

3 that I recommend you try:

  • Headspace – probably the most popular app, this is really good at breaking it down and making it super easy and simple. 
  • FitMind – I personally have found this app to be better suited to me, and I like the methods and techniques that they use. 
  • 1 Giant Mind – This is a much lesser known app, but it teaches you mantra based meditation which is really awesome.

So I suggest you have a look at each of these, and decide which is more suited to you, and what you find easier and more natural. And don’t be affraid to branch out and try any other apps or systems, or even jump onto YouTube. You will find plenty of awesome meditaion videos on there, same with Spotify. 

The ONLY thing that I cannot stress enough here, is that you need to be consistent. Like anything, it takes a bit of time and practice. So set asside 10-15 minutes each and every day, and make this a HABIT.


Visualisation is really, in essence, a form of meditation. It is also a highly studied and tested method of increasing performance for athletes!

This is a great  practice that you can use through the week when you are not on the bike to help you to get some ‘extra training in’. All it takes if for you to chill out in a comfortable and quiet spot and have a bit of focus for a few minutes. 

Below is a quick ‘how to’ on visualisation.