Have you ever felt, angry, upset, or anxious and not had any control over it?

This is where state control comes in. 

Your different ‘states’ are also very closely linked to your emotions. As emotions are both a chemical and a physiological response. 

This means that we can change our physiological responses, and thus control our states and emotions. 

Watch the video below. 

This then can be utilised to our advantage during our riding, racing and training. 

Being able to control our state, eliminate any anxiety and up or down regulate ourselves depending on what we need at any given moment. 

This is an extremely power tool and skill to learn, and can be an absolute game changer for a lot of riders that struggle to have control over these things on race days and negatively effect their performance. 


As a follow on from state control. And utilising the same concepts, we can also manually place ourselves into a state of flow at will!

Flow (or ‘The Zone’), is that time and place where everything seams to just click together, it’s effortless, and we truelly connect to the bike and the encironment (track). 

Up until recent years, flow has been thought of nothing but a phenominon that people experience. But through testing brain waves of people that are ale to drop in and out of flow (athletes, intelectuals, authors, artists etc). We now knwo that there is a specific brain wave associated with this state.