The MXFIT Academy is a program like no other!

This is a 12 week rider development program. Designed to produce Faster, Fitter, Smarter and Inspired Athletes.

With a good mixture of face-to-face training, online programing & learning, and individual support. 

My promise to you, is that you will come out the other side of this program a totaly different rider, and person.



  • 12 week course 
  • 1 day/week On-Bike Coaching held at Maitland Motocross Track. (Wednesday afternoons)
  • Initial Testing and Mobility Assessments
  • 12 week Fitness Program
  • Nutrition Support
  • Weekly group calls
  • Online Learning material
  • Accountability
  • Race Day Support

On-Bike Coaching

Each week, we will be running On-Bike Coaching classes at Maitland MX Track from 4pm to 6pm. 

These are 2 hour long, small group classes (max 7 riders). 

Our focus during these classes are to show you a better way to train and improve in your riding & racing. Increasing your endurance and intensity on the bike. Learning how to control your thoughts & emotions in race situations. Best preparing you for bigger races. 

Training on the bike should be fun, enjoyable, and sustainable. Slogging it out, doing moto after moto, and loosing interest in your riding is a common theme in the mx community. I aim to chnage this up, make training enjoybale, progressive, and rewarding. 

You will also get an extra programmed on-bike training session for you to complete on our own each week. This is to help you to build off what we learn together in our coaching, and to also show you that you can do this by yourself as well. 

Initial Testing & Assessments

We kick things off on the first day, with a group training session with me in my Gym. 

Here we will run you through mobility and movement assessments, and give you specific exercises and stretches to get you moving and feeling better. We will then run you through a strength test, and an endurance test. This is to give you a reference point of where you are currently at, and we will re-test these metrics again at the completion of the program, so you can see how far you have come. 

12 Week Fitness Program

This is a 3 day/week training program, delivered to you using my Online Training App. 

Your program is going to develop your strength, stability, movement, endurance & intensity, that will have a direct transfer over on to the bike. 

Complete, log and track all of your training using my training app. And get direct feedback on all of your training from me. 

Nutrition Support

Gain clarity on exactly what you should be doing with your nutrition on a daily basis, to support your training and recovery. 

Work together to come up with a plan for your nutrition and hydration strategy for race days. Making sure that you fuel your body correctly, to be able to perform at your full potential on race days, and recover properly between races. 

Weekly Group Calls

Each week on Friday evening, we will run a group call via Zoom. 

The purpose of this call is to go through the learning material for that week, make sure you have understood it, and done all of the action work around it. Answer any questions that you may have on any aspects of the program or even just in general. Making sure that you are really getting the value out of this program and everything is landing for you, and you are able to embody all of the teachings. 

Online Learning Material

I have a 12 week course built out specifically for this program inside a membership area on my website. 

Each week, a new topic/piece of learning will be made available to you, with videos, and exercises to complete. Helping you to master your mind, stay committed and focussed, gain clarity on exactly what you want to achieve and how to go about it, and much much more!

There is also some pre-learning material that will be available prior to starting the program, to make sure you are ready to make the most of this 12 week course. 

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