I recently came across this concept for MTB riders, but I believe it to be extremely transferable to motocross also.
Learn to anticipate what is coming up next. Keeping your eyes up and looking forward and not just a few meters in front of you. And then pick the best lines to allow you to get through the track smoother and with more ‘flow’.
Anticipating obstacles like bumps, ruts, rocks, roots and even downed riders, allows you to react to them earlier. Helping you to not only avoid them, but also eliminate those panic-stricken moments of trying to wash off speed or hold on for ear life and hope you can ride through it.
Flowing with your bike is all about balance. Understanding how shifts in your body position and weight will affect your balance on the bike and help you to get through the track easier.
Moving your body with the bike instead of against it. Letting your suspension do it’s job and choosing smarter and smoother lines. Allowing you to find that rhythm and and carry momentum. This is what ‘flow’is all about.
Now, I know this one is easier said than done, but it is the most important of them all.
Try to relax and breath easy. Don’t tense up and cringe every time that you are confronted by an obstacle. Be positive rather than negative (Don’t think “don’t crash”), and be ready for any challenge that may be thrown your way.
Developing your riding technique will go a long way to increasing your confidence on the bike and allow to you ride a lot calmer.

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