The Mind 🧠 , Body 💪 & Bike 🏍 CONNECTION

This is what I teach and work with my riders to develop. Knowing that you cannot succeed if any one of these aspects are lacking. I could be dialled on the bike and your body and fitness is well and truely there, but if your head is not in the game, then you will continually struggle to put it together on race days. The same is true for both the Body and the Bike aspects.


This is a very holistic approach to performance development directed at mx, sx & enduro racers. It is shown as a triangle, being the strongest shape. Meaning, that when all 3 of these areas are trained and developed, you will have the foundations to be unbreakable in your performance and your pursuits.
Realising that you cannot have any one of these lacking or unadressed if you truely want to improve and progress in this sport.
You can have your riding and fitness absolutely dialled… But if your head isn’t in the game, then you will continually struggle to put it together on race days. And the same goes for any of the other 2 aspects. You must work on all 3!


I always start with the mind with my clients. Literally, I am working on mindset, language, and beliefs even in my first touch point, the sign-up call! Because you cannot even begin to go all in on you Body and Bike aspects if you aren’t 100% committed, ready to make the change, know your goals, know your limiting beliefs etc etc.
Mindset, in my personal opinion and experience with riders, is THE most important aspect when it comes to performance. And that is why it is at the base of the triangle (I know the triangle is technically upside down for this analogy but I don’t care 😉). So like a pyramid, you can only build up to high (BIke & Body) before it becomes unstable. Building the foundations out wider with a solid mindset is the key to success!


Next we focus on the Body. Yes, I put the body above the Bike here… Why?… Because so much of what we need to learn and develop on the bike, is best and easiest firt learned in the controlled environment of the gym.
For example, we want you to be able to have better positioning on the bike (hips rotated out, spine neutral, shoulders set etc). But it’s extremely hard to learn these positions and make them normal when you also have 10000 other things going on around you whie riding that you also have to think about. So learning these positions in the gym, dialling them in, being able to do them under load, etc. Then going out on the bike, you will find all the these positions will just come naturally now and will take little to no extra thought to achieve them while riding.


Finally, we piece it all together on the bike! And often times I will find that my riders will have just naturally improved durastically before we even start to focus on this through simply working on the other 2 aspects first.
So now my job is easy… The rider has greater focus, with no limiting beliefs and they trust in themselves (and me 😉). They also have better coordination & proprioception, great body positioning that may only need a little refinement, and they also now have the capacity to throw down some motos and put in the seat time required to make the improvements they need.

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