Moto Athlete Project EP#1 – Introduction

Ep#1: Introduction To kick off the first episode of the Moto Athlete Podcast, I give an introduction to the podcast itself, and what you can expect from the podcast. I also give an introduction to myself, Bronson Dewar, who I am, my background and my mission.  Be sure to subscribe to the podcast for weekly […]

The Athlete Tug-Of-War

THE ATHLETE ‘TUG-OF-WAR’    This is what happens when you try to do the right thing by getting help with different aspects of your performance, but all of your coaches aren’t working in synch with each other. While the best intentions are always there from both yourself and your coaches. Unless ALL of them are working in […]

The MXFIT System

  The Mind , Body & Bike CONNECTION This is what I teach and work with my riders to develop. Knowing that you cannot succeed if any one of these aspects are lacking. I could be dialled on the bike and your body and fitness is well and truely there, but if your head is […]

The ‘ABC’ Of Flow

I recently came across this concept for MTB riders, but I believe it to be extremely transferable to motocross also. A: ANTICIPATE Learn to anticipate what is coming up next. Keeping your eyes up and looking forward and not just a few meters in front of you. And then pick the best lines to allow […]