This is what happens when you try to do the right thing by getting help with different aspects of your performance, but all of your coaches aren’t working in synch with each other.
While the best intentions are always there from both yourself and your coaches. Unless ALL of them are working in with each other towards the one common goal. A game of ‘tug-of-war’ starts to happen with you and your body.
As each coach (riding, fitness, nutrition, and health/physio) tries to pull you in their own direction. All fighting against one another.
Let me give you an example;
This then leads to you being completely burned out by the time your event rolls around. Even though all your coaches had the best intentions to try and avoid this.
This is why I created the MXFIT Program and built a system and team of professionals to all work together as ONE cohesive team and program. So that all aspects of your program work together to ensure he best possible outcome.
Why run multiple different programs when you can put it all together into one 😉